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Important step towards an enhanced WatERP platform


WatERP Project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, has developed a web-based Open Management Platform (OMP) that enables the entire water distribution system to be viewed in an integrated and customized way. This OMP provides the user with inferred information regarding water supplies, flows, consumption patterns, water losses, distribution efficiency, and water supply and demand forecasts within a web-based unified framework.


This platform has already been deployed over one of the pilot areas involved in the project: the city of Karlsruhe water distribution system (Germany). This is an important milestone of the project as this implementation will provide the validation context in order to test the improvement of water management along the various elements that link supply and demand. In addition, another pilot takes part of the project, the Ter-LLobregat water supply system where validations are been carried out. Furthermore, the rules responsible for recommendations for better placement of water are being refined. 


Last July 21st and 22nd, the WatERP project team participated in an internal workshop held in Karlsruhe, together with SWKA members at its headquarters. More specifically, this event was organized with the aim of learning about SWKA’s experience after WatERP platform deployment, and it allowed the acquisition of feedback from stakeholders’ experience with the OMP. As it was said before, this information is quite important for the development of the project in order to enhance future WatERP implementations.


Apart from the WatERP project members, different assistants from the Department of Drinking Water of SWKA participated in the workshop. Dr. Bernd Hofmann (head of Operation Waterworks), Michael Schönthal (head of Quality Assurance), Prof. Matthias Maier (head of Water Supply), Dirk Kühlers (vice-head of Quality Assurance), Wolfgang Deinlein and Mirko Schröter (Quality Assurance), and Ulrike Erdrich (Operation Waterworks).