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WaterCity, a social network to manage domestic water consumption


Awareness is a key factor to promote water resources saving. This is the aim of WaterCity, a new social network that helps consumers to reduce water consumption. So far, it is only available in Spain.

WaterCity users can manage from their own profile the data about consumption of water contained in bills and set targets for monthly savings. In addition, the platform allows the user to compare his/her domestic consumption with other users with similar profiles according to different factors: number of people living in the same home, number of appliances available and the price of water. In this way, a motivational relation between users is established. This is a key fact to encourage savings.

The platform has been developed within the framework of the research project WatERP. Its main goal is to create an open management platform to integrate the management of offer and demand within the complete cycle of supplying and distribution of water.

Different media briefings have been published about the launch of this social networkEurecat, ABC, La Voz Digital, iAgua, Generalitat de Catalunya.

WatERP at the ICT4Water Open Day


INCLAM has recently published through different channels a brief description of WatERP's results and impact. These were presented during a session which took place in the framework of the ICT4Water Open Day, in Barcelona, last September 22nd. 

More detailed information can be found by following this link.

Hydro DWG workshop at Orleans (France)

During last 20th and 21st of September, WatERP and WIDEST partners have participated on the Hydro-Domain Working Group workshop. This workshop was aimed at establishing next steps in the development of the Open geospatial Consortium with the focus on the hydrologic standards. Thus, the workshop discussed current stage and needs of the hydrologic architecture (REST SOS and WPS), markup languages (WaterML2.0, GroundwaterML, TimeseriesML, etc.) and semantic models (HY_Features) with special emphasis on real-demonstration.

ICT4Water Open Day


Eurecat has recently organized the ICT4Water Open Day. The aim of this event was to present the results of on-going projects focused on the ICT applied to water management and the opportunities in this field. This open day has brought together representatives of industry, technology agents, and European experts on digital technologies applied to smart management of hydric resources.

The meeting, which was attended by more than 100 people, has made evident the necessity of new technologies in order to provide a smart management of water. This demand has made Eurecat promote the creation of the Water Management Center of Excellence which develops new sustainable technologies applied to water management.

You can consult more detailed information through this link.

Sant Miquel Fair


On September 25th, 2015, WatERP participated in the 61st Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair.  During the technology transfer sessions, several technical seminars were conducted to disseminate advances in various fields. Basically, WatERP presented “Energy optimization pumps” where the approach used to improve the energy efficiency of pumps in water distribution was introduced.

Water workshop at IAH Congress 2015


On September 17th, 2015, it will take place in Rome a workshop entitled Water Projects in Horizon 2020. This event is enclosed in the framework of the 42nd IAH Congress “AQUA2015”. During the workshop, the water-related projects granted by the EU during 2014 under the H2020 Programme will be presented. One of these projects is WIDEST project, also coordinated by Eurecat. It will be introduced by Gabriel Anzaldi, highlighting its main activities and objectives.

The agenda of the workshop can be consulted in the attached document.

External Attached Workshop program

Important step towards an enhanced WatERP platform

WatERP Project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, has developed a web-based Open Management Platform (OMP) that enables the entire water distribution system to be viewed in an integrated and customized way. This OMP provides the user with inferred information regarding water supplies, flows, consumption patterns, water losses, distribution efficiency, and water supply and demand forecasts within a web-based unified framework.

WatERP participate in the IAHR 2015 world conference in The Hague

Last July 2nd and 3rd, WatERP and WIDEST partners participated in the Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) world conference. More specifically, WatERP and WIDEST projects presented some scientific papers in the special session entitled "FP7 ICT and Water" whose chairman was Prof. Dragan Savic (WIDEST). Furthermore, several papers were presented on the session "Water Resources-Serious Gaming".

5th General Assembly of the PTEA


Last June 30th, it took place in Madrid the 5th General Assembly of the Spanish Water Technology Platform (PTEA). This assembly was organized in two round talbes. One of them was focused on the funding lines available for the water field. The second one was devoted to success cases in the funding of water projects. WatERP project, was one of those cases presented to the assistants.

Hydro DWG session in Boulder


Last June 3rd, WatERP and WIDEST partners participated in the Hydro DWG session. This session was motivated by the establishment of near-future steps in regards to the OGC standardization, OGC best practices and OGC-Test-Beds. In detail, the meeting was focused on evaluating the plans and progress of HY_Features, Groundwater IE (Evaluation of the progress report), TestBed 11 “High resolution Flood Information Scenario Engineering Report”, WaterML2.0 part2 (RestFul API and JSON) and Timeseries ML.

During this session, the WatERP project was mentioned during the HY_Features presentation as a lived experience of the use of the HY_Features semantic model inside the developed water management ontology, interacting with the Open Management Platform (OMP). Details of the session including discussions, arrangements and the presentations can be found at the OGC-WIKi page.